Project Success Relies on Project Leadership

How much more effective would your organization be if you had more go-to Project Managers? How gratifying would it feel to know you could turn to any of them to lead a project and elevate other team members along the way? Learn more about how PL Coaches could help your company develop true Project Leaders.

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What does it take to be a Project Leader?
Determine your own answers with help from PL Coaches.


About Us

Get to know some of the credentialed leadership coaches who deliver our insightful, thought-provoking programs.


The Program

See how we cultivate strong Project Leaders through a unique program that is customized to your company’s challenges, language, and culture.



Learn more about the 15 powerful Project Leadership competencies our program nurtures to create long-lasting behavioral changes.


The Formula

Find out how your team could increase Project Success by multiplying Project Management competency x Project Leadership effectiveness.

Ready to have more go-to PMs who can lead your projects to success?